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             ​​​ MISSION STATEMENT

*Dreamscape Records exists for the purpose of providing artists with a label that is progressive, profitable, and encourages the recording artist to stretch her/his talent to the maximum. 

*Dreamscape Records understands that assisting artists in delivering their music to the world is a great responsibility. The label encourages input from its artists, seeking their suggestions about packaging, promotion and information about their fans. This strategy significantly contributes to a successful release.

*Dreamscape Records Is aware that the full potential of an artist is not captured when artists are held within strict boundaries. The label supports an artist's efforts to maximize their reach. We encourage and support the maturing of new names in the industry with solid, success-centered,professional guidance.  

*Dreamscape Records exists for the purpose of providing  artists

 with a label that is progressive, profitable, and encourages the

recording artist to stretch his/her talent to the maximum.

*Dreamscape Records will not confine an artist to a predetermined mold or classification. Frankly, we ask the question: "What would have happened if the Beatles Producer Sir George Martin would have limited the group to the standards used to create the early hits"?  Dreamscape believes the answer is simple.... we would have missed out on their ever so popular legendary music.

* At Dreamscape Records, you too will find encouragement and support in discovering who and what you were destined to be!  

*Dreamscape Records signs artists and groups in all categories including  Jazz, Rock, Folk, Classical, Male & Female vocals, Country,Christian, World and more. Dreamscape continues it's commitment to diversity and is interested in broadening our scope of work.


December 2nd  

Mick update:  Mick is still progressing, albeit slowly. He is finding the physio hard, but is determined to get back on his feet. He is still positive and chirpy, and wants to say thank you for the kind words and cards he has received.   

​November 8th    

Latest news on Mick Ralphs.  Mick has started to gain feeling on his left side, which is very good news.  Hopefully with prayers and the good thoughts of his fans and friends Mick will be able to make a full recovery.  It will probably require a lot of hard work on Mick's part (  therapy  )  but hopefully Mick will be able to get back to what he loves, playing music.  Further updates will be posted here as they arrive.                                                      

November 4, 2016

This morning I received some very sad news.  Following the Bad Company UK tour that wound up last Saturday at London's 02 Arena, the family and representatives of the band's co-founder, guitarist and songwriter Mick Ralphs are sad to announce that this past Wednesday, Mick has suffered a stroke and It's hit his left side.  At the moment his left arm is inoperable.

Mick is receiving excellent medical care and is recovering in hospital, although all his public engagements are necessarily on hold, pending his improvement.  

Everyone here at Dreamscape and his fans are wishing Mick a speedy recovery, and further news will be announced at the appropriate time.

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