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J.D. Danner is a New York girl who is very much in touch with her "redneck roots"...  From her Andy Griffith Show collection to her Paula Dean cook book, J.D. loves all things southern.  Her sound is where country meets rock: think Gretchen Wilson meets Melissa Etheridge...  J.D. is more than a singer songwriter, she is an entertainer with a magnetic command of the stage and a true talent for drawing in an audience.

With a coveted status as a repeat performer at the famous Bluebird Café in Nashville, J.D. Danner is not just another girl with a guitar… Her music has been featured in military training films and performed by NFL cheerleaders on their own USO tours.  She has performed on the 50 yard line at an NFL halftime show and has received awards from Fort Hood Army Base, Forgotten Soldiers Outreach and the Disabled American Veterans for her music in support of our  troops.  J.D. is an artist with a mission to change the world through the power of music.  In effort to do this she has partnered with the American Cancer Society,  Disabled American Veterans and Forgotten Soldiers Outreach along with regularly touring to perform for our military and their families at bases in the U.S. and overseas.

A Few Highlights:
JD's powerful tribute song to our troops called, "Thanks To The Brave" was chosen by the Fort Hood Army Base television station to be used in a variety of programs replacing Toby Keith’s “American Soldier”.  The song was also performed by the NFL Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders on their USO tour.  J.D. also performed that song during the  halftime show for the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium.

In keeping her commitment to the community, J.D. released two “singles for a cause”… First is titled, "A Brand New Angel" to benefit the American Cancer Society.  She toured throughout Florida performing at Relay For Life events in support of that CD .  The second song is "Shelter From The Shame" which touches the topic of domestic violence. The music video for this song earned J.D. an award from the Family Advocacy Program at Fort Hood Army base.  Additionally her song, "Thanks To The Brave" was featured on the training video for that program.

J.D. was honored with the “Outstanding Contribution” award at Fort Hood army base located in Kileen, TX for performing "Shelter From The Shame" and speaking at the base for “Stand Down Day”.  Stand Down Day is an event focusing on awareness and prevention of domestic violence in military families.

J.D. received the "Appreciation For Commitment and Devotion To Those Who Serve" award from Forgotten Soldiers Outreach for her performances and work with the organization.  Forgotten Soldiers Outreach sends care packages to our troops overseas.

J.D.'s music hit the film industry when she caught the attention of filmmaker Jeffrey Poitier, nephew of legendary actor Sydney Poitier.  Jeffrey featured an interview with J.D. along with live footage of J.D. and her band performing her song Almost Home in his documentary film titled, “VOICES

So at the end of the day can a girl from Long Island, New York actually go country?  She's already there... 'Nuff said y'all!

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After working in the record industry for over twenty years as a professional photographer, I started Dreamscape Records with the idea of helping musicians by advising them and giving them more control over their careers and music. Below is an excerpt for the labels Mission Statement.

*Dreamscape Records exists for the purpose of providing artists with a label that is progressive, profitable, and encourages the recording artist to stretch her/his talent to the maximum. 

​*Dreamscape Records understands that assisting artists in delivering their music to the world is a great responsibility. The label encourages input from its artists, seeking their suggestions about packaging, promotion and information about their fans. This strategy significantly contributes to a successful release.​
*Dreamscape Records Is aware that the full potential of an artist is not captured when artists are held within strict boundaries. The label supports an artist's efforts to maximize their reach. We encourage and support the maturing of new names in the industry with solid, success-centered,professional guidance.
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Latest News
Because of the response from JD' Danner's Fans and because JD has caused more people to check out the Dreamscape Records ( ) website the label has decided with JD Danner as Rising Indie. Rising Star for the Month of December. Congratulation! The only thing that surprises me is that although many people have visited the Dreamscape Records website no one has filled out the comments section at the bottom of the page and left any comments or congratulations.