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The Reese Project "Dark Cat"

The Kavanaghs

 "Need A Pity Day"( EP )


"To The Boundary Mosaic"

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​Premiere Issue coming in January 2017

Mark James  

Classic Tracks (EP)

​​​​​Barnaby Bye

"Thrice Upon A Time"

Red Totem Idol  "Mental"

​Lead Vocalist Raven Cain

Gavin Sutherland  

"Tango At The Lost Cafe"

​​Mick Ralphs Blues Band "If It Aint Broke"

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Gavin Sutherland  

"A Curious Noise"

The Kavanaghs

Dreamscape Records

2016 Winter Sampler

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"Should Have Known Better "Live At The Musician" (Import)

The Mick Ralphs Blues Group


Mark James "Dangerous Guitars"

Released Today

The Kavanaghs

 "Love Conquers Pain"

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