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      Today is March 28th and we are announcing Dreamscape Records Indie Rising Star For The Month Of April a few days early.  I have always said that I am not a big fan of Country Music although there are some artists that I do like Reba McIntire, Big & Rich, and maybe a few more.  This months Dreamscape Records Indie Rising Star For The Month Of April is a Country band from Scotland and I do not have to say much about the band Ashton Lane because the music and quality of musicianship speak for it self.  The band is making a special offer of 7 songs that you can download for free so you don't even have to buy a CD in order to listen to their music, but I am sure that after you listen to the bands music you will go out and download of buy all of the bands CD'S.

About:The CrashDollz

Finally here to re-ignite Rock and Roll, CrashDollz bring Punk sneer with Big Rock Power into a new un-chartered area.  Crossing demented aggression, punk attitude, heavy metal power, virtuoso musicianship and sexy/trashy/gutter punk image into a whole new music revolution that could only have come out of Detroit, CrashDollz are truly unique and one-of-a-kind. Listen to "Novocaine", "Dollhouse", "Dumpster Punk" or the radio-friendly "27 Tulip Pass" and you will hear serious songwriting talent at the core of a big explosion of rock and roll audacity the likes of which hasn't been heard in many years. 

Leading the way on vocals is Nikki Darling, with her Raw, Aggressive and Powerful vocals. Nikkis technical ability as a singer adds enormous depth to an otherwise stale genre and her outrageous stage presence and confrontational stance is without peer.

Followed by Guitarist Rachel Rekkits loud in your face but memorable guitar riffs and whiz-kid solos. 
Drummer Brian Kaos, splitting stix and busting drum heads with his unique, loud and powerful drumming that sounds and appears as if he is hammering his drums into submission, in addition to adding double bass in all the right places.

Finally, you have Kevin "Krank" Kekes on pounding, aggressive bass guitar. Kranks agile and acrobatic playing ability and stage presence balances the CrashDollz front line into the most uniformly bombastic stage fronts in recent rock history.

CrashDollz are the band to watch in 2015 and beyond! 

National acts played with: The Misfits, LA Guns, Great White and Vains of Jenna. 
FM radio station coverage: Featured on The Man Cave Show with Jeff Lamb on Toledos

WIOT for 2 songs and interviews. 
Internet radio coverage: Interview on White Mountain Rockers Radio,David Ray Global Show, Punk Rock In Your PJs, Whatever 68 Radio and dozens of other stations. 
CrashDollz have also performed on The Bob Bauer Show on 3-2012 with 4 songs and extensive interviews which was video broadcast live as well as The GMO Show for 1 song and interview which aired November 2012 on cable station CMNTV.​


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