The Video above from his solo album "The Hidden"  is by and is a tribute to Mike Kellie member of Spooky Tooth, The Only Ones, excellent musician, composer, producer , multi instrumentalist and friend, who died earlier this year.

Although Mike is gone he leaves us a musical legacy that any musician  would be proud of.

Although the group Roadcase Royale is on LOUD & PROUD Records and not on this label, I can't help but take the time to promote ROADCASE ROYAL'S new album which is being released TODAY the 22nd of September onLOUD & Proud Records.

The Album is called "First Things First"  and I would feel remiss in not promoting it as it is such great music and I hope that this album will re-launch the trend of releasing and radio stations playing more albums by real musicians, writing real songs and playing real music.


Roadcase Royale is fronted by Nancy Wilson of Heart and Liv Warfield ex Prince's "New Power Generation" and backed by Ryan Waters on Guitar, Producer and Bass Player Extraordinaire, Dave Rothchild,  Chris Joyner Keyboards and Guitar, and Ben Smith on Drums.

In addition, all I can say is go out and buy the Album which is available on CD, Vinyl, and download and if the group is playing in a venue near you go out and see them.  You will not be disappointed.


​​​​​​​Barnaby Bye

"Thrice Upon A Time"

Gavin Sutherland  

"Tango At The Lost Cafe"


The Kavanaghs

First new CD since 2011

The Kavanaghs


Mark James

 And The Technicolor Vibe

"Dangerous Guitars"

Dreamscape Records is proud to introduce to you the labels latest signing, Andy Collins

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Mike Kellie  

The Hidden 


"To The Boundary Mosaic"


Red Totem Idol  "Mental"

​Lead Vocalist Raven Cain

Dreamscape Records

2016 Winter Sampler

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​​​​​​Dreamscape Artists

The Kavanaghs

       "Love Conquers Pain"

​     Autographed LTD. Edition

Mark James  

Classic Tracks (EP)

​​​ATLANTIC RECORDS/ 405/Hollywood Recording artist 

Keven Ravenhawk Cain


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The Reese Project "Dark Cat"

"​Jazz with a hint of Celtic"

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Christmas Album.

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​​​Gavin Sutherland  

"A Curious Noise"

" Where Musical Dreams Become A Reality "


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Andy Collins latest solo Album will be released on Dreamscape Records on February 14th 2018 and he will be touring the United States in support of the album sometime in 2018.  Andy Collins solo album "Right Here, Right Now" is currently available as an Import on

The Kavanaghs

 "Need A Pity Day"( EP )


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