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About:  The Mountain Faith Band

Although I am not a big fan of Blue Grass or Americana music I was extremely impressed when I saw this band on Americas Got Talent.  The thing that made them unique was the fact the they played a rock top 20 tune which they rearranged to fit the band style and breathed new life into the song.

Mountain Faith, is an awarded, accomplished bluegrass group is based in the mountains of Sylva, North Carolina. They have been singing and traveling together for 14 years.

Band members include Sam McMahan, on bass, Luke Dotson, guitar along with lead and harmony vocals, Corey Piatt on Mandolin, Summer McMahan, fiddle along with lead and harmony vocals and Brayden McMahan on banjo and harmony vocals.  Mountain Faith has a unique style that offers a variety of different genres of music.  Audiences applaud their ability to offer numerous styles.  You will get a great mix of both traditional and contemporary bluegrass, classic and modern country, folk, acoustic and contemporary gospel and a little rhythm and blues!  This band leaves a fresh, pure and upbeat impression on audiences of all ages.

They perform frequently at Dollywood becoming a crowd favorite over the years.  They travel the bluegrass festival circuit, running alongside bluegrass’ top bands, all over the United States and Canada.  Concert venues include civic centers, auditoriums, arenas, fair grounds, parks, churches and other locations. Recent SPBGMA awards “raised eyebrows” and drew more recognition for the band as they were the only band to have all members, but one, nominated for instrumental awards.  As you get to know the members of Mountain Faith, quickly their humbleness, kindness and love of people will be evident.  They enjoy traveling and making new friends leaving lasting impressions!


​An old friend of mine from the days I was living in Virginia Kevin Raven Hawk looks like his band might have a hit on their hands with Bullets & Butterflies.  Congratulations Kevin and the rest of the band.


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​July 1st 2015

Although it may be a little late Dreamscape Records would like to congratulate the May Indie Rising Star of the Month, CrashDollz for being signed to RadicLea Records 

Even though we can't claim any credit for getting the group signed ( It was their energy, talent and commitment that got them signed.  Once again Dreamscape would like to congratulate the band.

Today is June 4th and I am proud to announce that this months Indie Rising Star of the Month comes to us all the way from Swansea, Wales, home of so many great bands past and present. Bands like Man, Budgie, Eyes of Blue, Love Sculpture(featuring Dave Edmonds, Bonnie Tyler, and The Iveys, ( Later to be renamed Badfinger by John Lennon) and so many more. 

Today is March the 28th and the label is announcing Dreamscape Records Indie Rising Star For The Month of April a few days early. I have always said that I am not a big fan of Country Music although I must admit there are some country artists I do like, for instance Big & Rich, Reba McIntire and maybe a few more.  This months Indie Rising Star Of The Month is a Country Band from Scotland and although I do not have much to say about the band Ashton Lane because the music and quality of songwriting speaks for it self.

The band is making a special offer of a seven song EP that you can download for free, so you do not even have to buy one of there CD'S in order to make their music part of your collection. But I am sure that after you listen to the bands music you will go out and download of buy all of the bands CD'S.

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