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​​​October 17, 2017

Where has the year gone to ?  Summer seemed to have past so quickly and here it is the middle of October and before you know it it will be Halloween, then Thanksgving, Christmas and before you know it another year has past us buy.  As most of you have heard The Mick Ralphs Blues group has left the label and has gone on to what I hope are greener pastures.  Although sales for his CD were excellent at the beginning, they seemed to have slowed down to a crawl shortly after Mick's stroke.. From what I have been told Mick is stll making progress but the going is very slow and takes a lot of time in therapy.  All we can say is that we at Dreamscape hopes he makes a full recovery like so many others before him.  We will try and post any additional news as it becomes available.

On January 17th of this year, the music industry lost a great Drummer and all around Musician.   Michael Alexander Kellie who in addition to being the Drummer for The V.I.P's, Art, Spooky Tooth and the UK punk band the Only Ones was a well known session musician and personal friend for many years.
Before he died he had released a personal project that he had produced called "The Hidden" which he not only produced, but wrote the song, played many of the instruments, sang lead vocals on many of the songs.  with the help of Greg Platt Lake, Stevie Winwood, Finley Barker, James "Gaz" Docherty, Tony Kelsey, Shaun Lowe, Gerry Hopkin, Joanna, Tomlinson delivered an album of truly noteworthy quality. It is my pleasure to announce that Dreamscape Records has released this album  with the loving cooperation of his wife Elizabeth it is the labels wish to get this excellent album by as many people as possible.  The album is a fitting tribute to Mike Kellie and to the fine man and excellent musician he was.  R.I.P. Mike.

Now for some good news:  Dreamscape Records been approched by a group of investors who might be interested in investing in the label.  Things are in the negotiating stage and like all things positive a lot of things have to be worked out so the investors are sure that their investment will make a profit and the label has to make sure that by agreeing to the investors terms that we will still be able to offer the artists and groups a bigger cut of the net sales, control of their music ad careers and a comfortable to work in.  What the label is hoping that by increasing the amount of capitol we have to work with that we will be easier to support and promote the artists and their music.  

​The investors money will also allow the label to sign more well known artists and and we are currently in negotiation with several well known British artists who have released albums on major labels in the past and are talking about releasing new material through Dreamscape.  Stay tuned to this page for frequent updates and the latest news about new releases and the latest signings.



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 What Dreamscape Stands for

*Dreamscape Records exists for the purpose of providing artists with a label that is progressive, profitable, and encourages the recording artist to stretch her/his talent to the maximum. 

*Dreamscape Records understands that assisting artists in delivering their music to the world is a great responsibility. The label encourages input from its artists, seeking their suggestions about packaging, promotion and information about their fans. This strategy significantly contributes to a successful release.

*Dreamscape Records Is aware that the full potential of an artist is not captured when artists are held within strict boundaries. The label supports an artist's efforts to maximize their reach. We encourage and support the maturing of new names in the industry with solid, success-centered,professional guidance.   

*Dreamscape Records exists for the purpose of providing  artists
 with a label that is progressive, profitable, and encourages the
 recording artist to stretch his/her talent to the maximum.

*Dreamscape Records will not confine an artist to a predetermined mold or classification. Frankly, we ask the question: "What would have happened if the Beatles Producer Sir George Martin would have limited the group to the standards used to create the early hits"?  Dreamscape believes the answer is simple.... we would have missed out on their ever so popular legendary music.

* At Dreamscape Records, you too will find encouragement and support in discovering who and what you were destined to be!  

*Dreamscape Records signs artists and groups in all categories including  Jazz, Rock, Folk, Classical, Male & Female vocals, Country,Christian, World and more. Dreamscape continues it's commitment to diversity and is interested in broadening our scope of work.


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New CD Early Next Year


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