" Where Musical Dreams Become A Reality "

Check out a rough mix "Head Space" from Mark James New Album. 

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" Where Musical Dreams Become A Reality "



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‚Äč About:Mark James

London Born  Battersea boy, guitarist, singer, composer, new wave, punk, blues, acoustic, crazed, innovator, front man.

Mark James was a guitar player back in the nineties for UK sleeze bands like the "Gutter Snipes", "Touch Of Evil", and "Marked Force.  Mark played in the UK, Europe, Japan and beyond.  A live TV show in Germany in 2005 and gigs in Holland in 2006.  Then Mark formed and played with the new wave band "The Psycho Criminals" and released a rock and roll EP "Super Hits" on Dreamscape Records.

In 2007 Mark went on a short acoustic tour of London and selected out of town gigs.  In the Summer Mark traveled to the USA to play the three day event "Baltimore Music Conference" and made a video with top cameraman Tommy Liberto.  Mark returned to German TV in 2010 and then returned to the USA in 2012 for recording and to play some dates. 

MARK JAMES  AND THE  TECHNICOLOR  VIBE   is a recording   project, a selection of some of Marks work past & present which focuses on all types of music & genres with a little help from good friends and talented musicians, with the end result being in an excellent album.  Mark will  on tour in the new year in the UK. then hopefully abroad. 

MARK JAMES: Vocals & Guitar   With help from: Will Spurling , Drums   Diwari, vocals          
Steve Honest , Keys, Bass and Guitar, Maria Payne, vocals, Kevin Quinlan, vocals   
Produced by Steve Honest and Mark James