" Where Musical Dreams Become A Reality "

Red Totem Idol's music is a tool to give those who are helpless, hurting, and struggling a voice. Society's underrated and unheard, unleashed and vindictive.

This is where Singer \ Songwriter Raven Cain, draw's his inspiration. Songs such as "Immortal" and "Sara's Lullaby" hit point blank on heavy topics (the rise in teenage suicide and child abuse respectively ), by placing Cain's stabbing, thought-provoking lyrics over music best described as hard hitting aggressive grove rock. Cain claims socies ills and everyday trials as his Muse and the bands music clearly backs that statement.

Red Totem Idol's concerts are no different. Raven Cain's on-stage presence paints disturbing pictures on that the canvas that is the audience. The bands energy is infectious, often whipping the crowd into a near riot of sweaty, body-slamming moshers from the moment the band takes the stage. Flash Magazine pegs Red Totem Idol's as " incorporating elements of Gothic, Industrial and Groove Rock with a touch of the Doors acid-vibe flavor"


Red Totem Idol's CD Mental which was released in 2012

WARNING  The images in the video below may be disturbing as they deal with world hunger, child abuse and neglect

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