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Ruthy Hopkins: Keyboards: Ruthy finishes up Streetfighter's incredible sonic realism by recreating every acoustic and electric Piano, Hammond organ and orchestral instrument.  Ruthy covers all of the instrumentation that makes you feel like you are listening to the original Rolling Stones Records

Brad Singer: Drums.  Without his rock solid "Sock-You-In-The -Gut" drumming, there could be no "Ultimate Stones Show". Brad( together with Bob), was the founding member of another legendary L.I. band, FULL HOUSE.

Pete VerEecke:  Original founding member and Jagger Extrodinaire,  Pete thrills the crowd with his energetic aura.  If you didn't know otherwise, you'd swear it was Mick on stage singing

Established in 1978 as Long Islands answer to the Broadway production of BEATLEMAINA,       the band was conceived to capture the music, spirit, and look of the worlds greatest rock and roll band, replete with period correct clothing, playing songs from three distinctively major evolutions of Rolling Stones music;

1964-68:Chuck Berry & the blues to psychedelic: "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" to "Ruby Tuesday"

1969-73: Revolution & Political:  "Street Fighting Man" to  "You Can't Always Get What You Want"

1973-present:  "Still Rockin'" to " It's Only Rock and Roll But I Like It"

Bob Sole: Bass Guitar/Vocals. Providing the sonic bottom, Bob expertly arranges the vocal harmonies, and basically keeps it all together!  Additionally, as a side note, Bob plays in another great L.I. band (along with Brad, Elroy and Ruth) called ROCKDADDY, currently gigging around Long Island.

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Meet The Band

Rev. Elroy P. Jones III: Original founding member, lead/rhythm guitar and vocals. Originally the Kieth of the band, he decided to check into rehab and clean up his act,( just kidding folks...) Now the Good Reverend is covering the Brian Jones/Mick Taylor/Rom Wood riffs.  Elroy once had the distinct honor of playing the guitar behind the legendary Chuck Berry. 

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Peter VerEecke    Reverand Elroy P. Jones III   John Sparrow   Brad Singer   Bob Sole   Ruthy Hopkins

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John Sparrow:    Guitars 5 and 6 string, vocals, harmonica Joined the band in 2016. A Stones fan since the beginning, has seen every tour since 1969. Has scored films such as "Schmucks" "The inside Man" and has even taken bit parts and had a lead in the Movie "Marie". John has been in the NYC music scene since the 80"s and is still part of "Black & Sparrow" who has opened for many national acts.

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